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Happy Birthday February Babies!

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in General Info | 0 comments

Happy Birthday February babies! Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz & the most valued. It can display many shades including deep purple, light lilac, lavender & mauve. Love Amethyst?  Then...

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Inside Tiffany’s plan to rebuild its luxury watch business

Posted by on Sep 13, 2015 in General Info | 0 comments

It’s not every day that a 178-year-old ­company gets to be an upstart again. Yet that’s exactly what high-end jeweler ­Tiffany & Co. is, following the recent launch of its CT60 line of luxury watches. It...

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A Tale of Two (Very Interesting) Stores: Le Vian by Jared and Blue Nile

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 in General Info | 0 comments

Two noteworthy stores premiered recently—both, oddly, in the same mall—and...

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Jewel-Craft, Inc. acquires LogoArt®

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in General Info | 0 comments

Jewel-Craft, Inc. officially acquires the thriving licensed jewelry...

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